Engineering Council


Toolkit for Universities


This_ toolkit has been developed to support universities in developing Engineering Gateways degrees. These degrees offer flexible work-based pathways to becoming a professional engineer.

The aim of the toolkit is to provide an easily accessible overview of areas for consideration when developing such degrees. The steps are not compulsory and the order is not prescribed. Institutions should interpret the toolkit as best fits their needs, for example as a source of information or as a progress monitoring tool.

How to use this toolkit

Use the first column in the toolkit to understand the steps involved in developing and implementing Engineering Gateways degrees. The second column provides clarification and more detail on each item, with the third column describing key resources available.

Hard copies of the toolkit are available from:

A  Background Research and Institutional Context

B  Setting up an Engineering Gateways Programme

C  Marketing the Validated Programme

D  Student Recruitment

E  Professional Development

F  Legal and Ethical Considerations

G  Delivery

H  Where Next?